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  • ISU GivePulse

  • Child Welfare Research and Training Project (CWRTP)

  • Story County

  • Iowa 4-H

  • Iowa State Volunteer Portal (VoPo)

  • Community Engagement Club

  • University Community Childcare

  • ISU Student Volunteer Services

  • Community Connections for Public Health (CCPH)

  • Lutheran Services in Iowa

  • Community & Family Resources

  • Human Sciences Extension and Outreach

  • Bed of Bags

  • United Way of Story County

  • Volunteer Center of Story County

  • Impacts

    Donate bars of soap
    Donate refried beans
    Donate Hamburger Helper
    Donate toilet paper
    Ashley Scudder

    Ashley @ Crafting with counselors

    Donation of time and gift making supplies

    Gave 5.00 hours on 12/15/2019
    University Community Childcare
    Gilbert Elementary School
    University Community Childcare
    Gilbert Elementary School
    Ashley Scudder

    Ashley @ Child Behavioral Health Clinic Donations

    Donated goods between 08/19/2019 and 12/19/2019 with ISU GivePulse