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Iowa State Community-Campus Partnership for Health (CCPH)




The ISU Community-Campus Partnership for Health (CCPH) is a community outreach and service initiative founded through the Department of Kinesiology at Iowa State University. Disseminating evidence-based programs, supporting community-campus partnerships, and enhancing the student learning experience through service learning are the key programming strategies for ISU CCPH since they provide mutual benefits to the community, students, and university. Community partners, in turn, benefit from the expertise and passion of students working through their organizations. Students benefit from the opportunities to apply their knowledge and skill in real world applications and to gain professional experience. While both of these help to drive the success of the university and deliver on the land grant mission of sharing knowledge beyond the campus borders.

The ISU CCPH follows guidelines and principles from the National CCPH Organization. Key strategic goals for CCPH organizations are to:

  • Leverage the knowledge, wisdom and experience in communities and in academic institutions to solve pressing health, social, environmental and economic challenges
  • Ensure that community-driven social change is central to the work of community-academic partnerships
  • Build the capacity of communities and academic institutions to engage each other in partnerships that balance power, share resources, and work towards systems change

If you're interested in engaging in the CCPH program to disseminate your program or conduct service learning email

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