Iowa State Volunteer Portal (VoPo)


The Iowa State University VoPo is where students can find volunteer opportunities on campus and in the community.  We work with students, clubs, and organizations to provide up-to-date information about the opportunities for volunteer civic engagement on campus.  VoPo also collaborates with ISU instructors to facilitate service-based initiatives that extend into Ames and the surrounding communities.  GivePulse provides an ideal structure for faculty to easily track and manage their service-learning projects.

Using GivePulse, groups can promote ways for fellow students to become engaged in their group/cause!

Why should you track your hours?
Tracking your hours provides you with a record of all of your service and volunteering during your time at Iowa State.  You can also retrieve your volunteer information at any time to post on your resume or for graduate school applications.  Tracking your hours also benefits your group and the university by helping to provide information about student campus and community engagement and student volunteerism. 

If you're group is interested in utilizing GivePulse for future events click on the contact button or email

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